NERVANA Technology

NERVANA combines science and technology to make an ordinary experience extraordinary. NERVANA has the potential to revolutionize the music industry by being the only company offering a non-invasive, consumer Vagus nerve stimulator that synchronizes with music.

Nervana allows you to feel music like never before.

Science Behind Vagus Nerve Stimulation

The Vagus nerve is a nerve that originates in the brain. NERVANA electronically signals the Vagus nerve which in turn stimulates the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance mood.

  • NERVANA Generator
  • NERVANA Headphones
Music Mode

The NERVANA Generator acts as a pass-through for a user-selected music signal, which is input through a standard audio jack and is output through the speakers contained within the earbuds of the NERVANA Headphones. Proprietary, patent-pending circuitry within the Nervana Generator analyzes the music signal and generates a targeted Vagus nerve stimulation output that synchronizes with the music’s signal, so the user can Feel the Music.

Ambient Mode

In contrast with Music Mode, Ambient Mode tasks the NERVANA Generator’s internal microphone with modulating output to the NERVANA Headphone based on sounds from the environment. Put more simply, any music being played around the user, for example, at a concert, will be the basis for the Vagus nerve stimulation output sent to the user through the NERVANA Headphones. This means that, in the Ambient Mode, all NERVANA users in the same location can experience similar nerve stimulation.

Formula Mode

For users wanting to use NERVANA without music, there is a pre-defined nerve stimulation signal pattern that can be selected.

The NERVANA Headphones are unique and contain proprietary, patent-pending technology throughout.

The dual jack takes both output signals — from the NERVANA Generator and the music supply circuit (either from the user or from the environment) — and supplies them to various signal conduits within the lower portion of the NERVANA Headphone cord.

A central signal-processing circuit receives both music and stimulation signals and routes those signals appropriately to the two earbuds. The right earbud receives only the right channel of the music signal, which is output to a hand-picked, high-fidelity speaker in the right earbud. The proprietary left earbud, in comparison, not only receives the left channel of the music signal at its speaker, it also receives the stimulation signal within the earbud material itself, to deliver electrical stimulation to the inside surface of the ear canal and, thereby, the Vagus nerve.

The entirety of the NERVANA Headphones were designed in-house and are made by our company using custom-designed molds and circuitry. A Headphone like this does not exist anywhere.

Key Advantages

NERVANA is completely portable. You can bring it to concerts, and other public music venues.

To escape reality, it is as easy as picking your favorite song, popping in the NERVANA Headphones, and starting the  NERVANA Generator.


NERVANA can be used at any time. During a stressful day, after an intense workout, at a concert, or any time you want to replace tension with calm feelings.

Based on our research and testing, we recommend sessions of 15-45 minutes twice daily to promote wellness and balance.

NERVANA has been tested on hundreds of adults. In the testing of our product, we have seen no evidence of safety issues, including with continued use. Also, there are more than three decades of published research on Vagus nerve stimulation and the development of the science associated with Vagus nerve stimulation.

Because NERVANA can create a state of deeper relaxation, you should not drive a car, operate heavy machinery, or engage in any other activity in which electrical stimulation can put you at risk for injury while using NERVANA or for thirty minutes after use.

In the testing of our product, we have not seen evidence of dependency. Decades of published medical literature on Vagus nerve stimulation support this observation and are readily accessible online from numerous sources.

The effects of NERVANA can be felt within minutes and, for some users, can last as long as a half-hour after one session. The more consistently you use NERVANA, the easier it becomes to realize your ultimate state of relaxation. Everyone’s experience is unique and may be described differently.