NERVANA is the only consumer product that synchronizes nerve stimulation with sound, allowing the user to experience relaxation through technology.

The serenity of NERVANA can be achieved in the privacy of your home, while studying at your favorite coffee shop, during a yoga session, with friends at a concert, or on a train or bus on the way home from work.

NERVANA is portable and compatible with all music players; it can be used virtually anywhere by anyone, and it allows you to find your NERVANA wherever you go.

  • Extraordinary
  • Sensation
  • Cutting Edge
  • Accessible
  • Easy-To-Use

NERVANA is the only product on the market that offers Vagus nerve stimulation synchronized with music. NERVANA sessions lead to improved mood for most people and help users break away from the stressors of daily life, leading them to a place of serenity.

NERVANA signals electrically stimulate nerves that trigger pleasure-producing neurotransmitters. Neuroscientists have known for decades that these compounds are responsible for sensations of relaxation, contentment, and enhanced mood.

NERVANA, LLC introduces new technology to the consumer market. After years of research, NERVANA, LLC created the first non-invasive, recreational Vagus nerve stimulator that delivers a stimulation signal that can be synchronized to the user’s choice of music. As leaders in the field of Vagus nerve stimulation, the NERVANA team works continuously to further develop and improve the targeted VNS signals. The company is committed to utilizing user feedback to make the best product for consumers.

NERVANA is affordable, portable, and compatible with all types of music. Our website, FAQ and Support page, and social media profiles are always there for you to find information, order a product, or engage with other NERVANA users. We keep our customers updated with the best ways to utilize NERVANA, as well as how to get the most from your user experience. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

NERVANA can be used virtually anywhere by anyone, no matter how knowledgeable they are about technology. The NERVANA Generator is sized to fit in a user’s hand or pocket, and the patent-pending stimulation delivery is compact and unobtrusive, being similar in size to an average earbud/headphone assembly. After first use, operation is as easy as picking your favorite song, sliding the NERVANA buds into your ears, and selecting your intensity level.