As the winner of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show TechStars “Lifestyle and Digital Health” Competition, NERVANA is garnering lots of attention, press coverage and raving reviews.


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Can You Measure NERVANA's Effects?

So what exactly does NERVANA do for you? Everyone’s got an opinion. They’re interesting to read. But they’re so subjective, it’s hard to know what to think.

Increasingly, though, we’re hearing more about NERVANA fans who can answer the question with data. Quantitative, objective measurements that measure the impact of NERVANA sessions on your wellbeing. In case you missed it, wearable tech analyst Mike Feibus showed us exactly how much calmer he’s become after a few weeks of daily NERVANA sessions. And “hza” has documented with his wearable that he is getting an additional hour of quality sleep a night.

We just discovered another new insight. This one’s from “Jopbee” a poster on Reddit. Jopbee measured heartrate variability – a long-proven measure of tension – with a smartphone and an app called EliteHRV. The findings revealed that NERVANA significantly elevated his HRV from around 40 to about 50. That means a documented immediate calming of the body from the Vagus nerve stimulation. Also, mentioned in the post was a marked improvement in sleep quality after using NERVANA.

Need to know more about HRV? Check out HRV 101 in the EliteHRV User Guide.

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