As the winner of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show TechStars “Lifestyle and Digital Health” Competition, NERVANA is garnering lots of attention, press coverage and raving reviews.


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Come See NERVANA at Bulletproof’s Biohacking event in Los Angeles - Nervana

If you’ll be in Southern California this weekend, come see us at booth # 514 at Bulletproof’s 4th Annual Biohacking Conference in Pasadena. We’ll be on hand Friday through Sunday, September 23 through 25, demonstrating our groundbreaking new bioelectronics platform, helping customers get the best out of it, and sharing the latest tips and tricks from members of the growing NERVANA community who are discovering exciting benefits from regular NERVANA sessions.

If you’re unfamiliar, biohacking is basically a do-it-yourself wellness movement. Not content to simply wait until they’re not feeling well to see the doctor, biohackers search for ways to tune their biological makeup so their minds and bodies run as healthfully as possible. There will be experts on hand discussing a wide-range of biohacking topics, from light therapy to epigenetics, and from regenerative treatments to stem-cell optimization techniques.

Bioelectronics figures into all of it, and will be front and center at this year’s Bulletproof Conference. If you’d like to read more about biohacking, check out Bulletproof’s Beginner’s Guide. Bulletproof also has some good information on hacking the vagus nerve for better health. They wrote the article before we started shipping. Can’t wait until they try NERVANA!

Maybe we’ll see you there. If not, we’ll post some things we saw and learned. So check back next week!