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If you’ll be in Southern California this weekend, come see us at


If you’ll be in Southern California this weekend, come see us at


Achieve Nirvana With Nervana Nerve Stimulating Headphones!


NERVANA provides a safe and natural way to change how people feel


Can You Measure NERVANA’s Effects?


So what exactly does NERVANA do for you?


Testing a Nervana unit


Nervana headphones deliver electrical pulses designed to stimulate the vagus nerve


Managing Stress With Nervana: Worked for Me!


I was able to document the changes I thought I was feeling


The Power of Vagus Nerve Stimulation and the Growing Biohacking Movement


The good news is that you don’t need a prescription to stimulate your vagus


The Serenity in Nervana: What It Is and How to Get It – a Research Brief by Mike Feibus


Written by USA Today Tech columnist


Come See NERVANA at Bulletproof’s Biohacking event in Los Angeles. If you’ll be in Southern California this weekend


If you’ll be in Southern California this


Headphones that make you feel good?


It starts with a tickle in your ear and then, for some, a warmth sweeps your body and vibrations loosen muscles.

Nervana-press-WPEC News



NERVANA electronically signals the Vagus nerve which in turn stimulates the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that enhance mood

Nervana-press-The Red Bulletin

The playlist deftones


This pocket-sized device excites the brain by sending electronic pulses down the ear canal as you listen to your music

Nervana-press-Medical Daily

Nervana Earbuds Will Help You Sync Your Music to ‘Feel Good’ Nerves in Your Body


What if the music you listen to could instantly soothe and calm your body?

Nervana-press-HowStuffWorks NOW

Headphones That Could Make You Happy


The Nervana headphones aim to stimulate the vagus nerve externally and currently are retailing for $279


‘Nervana’ headphones stimulate the brain when listening to music


Everyone knows that listening to music is a great way to relax, but a new set of headphones could have

Nervana-press-medical daily

New Headphones Stimulate Vagus Nerve To Deliver A Surge Of Dopamine With Your Tunes


The Sanskrit word “nirvana” describes the ultimate goal of the Buddhist path

Nervana-press-geek news

Nervana is Changing the Way You Feel Music


Music fans have explored many options over the years to heighten their experience while listening to their

Nervana-press-raver rafting

Nervana Headphones: The Future of Music Listening


You’ve probably heard about the new headphones coming out this summer that make you feel relaxed

Nervana-press-mens xp

Want to Feel Music Like You’ve Never Felt it Before?


Two years ago if you would have told your friends about how you wished there was a gadget that can scientifically alter your mood

Nervana-press-bedford and bowery

Can These Headphones Really Boost Your Mood?


Several weeks back, I stumbled across a short article about a new music-listening device called Nervana

Nervana-press-Daily News

Nervana headphones make you feel happy by stimulating nerve, releasing dopamine.


Nervana headphones are claiming to have the ability to make users feel happy by synchronizing nerve stimulation and

Nervana-press-mail online

The headphones that release feel-good hormones.


The familiar tactic of sticking in your headphones to transport you away from rush-hour commute could soon be kicked up a gear, thanks to

Nervana Pre-Order on Indiegogo

NERVANA: Changing the Way You Feel Music


Introducing NERVANA: The World’s First Consumer Product to Stimulate the Body’s Pleasure Center and


Earphones That Make You Feel Good?


A revolutionary device claims to emit electronic impulses that stimulate the Vagus nerve, resulting in the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain


These dopamine-inducing headphones will make you feel amazing.


Casual fans and diehard listeners alike often describe the experience of music consumption as something akin to

Science Alert

Headphones that stimulate the release of dopamine are tipped to go on sale next month.


Headphones that stimulate the release of dopamine in your brain




Music has an extraordinary power to make us feel good

Digital Trends

Just for the tech of it: Headphones that can positively impact your mood.


Nervana announced that it will soon release a pair of headphones that can supposedly make you feel good


Headphones release happiness chemicals


Nervana music system uses nerve stimulating headphones that enable the


Totally Wired: These Headphones Release Chemicals That Boost Your Mood.


How’s your vagus nerve doing? Could it do with a little stimulation?

Business Times

Nervana: Headphones deliver feel-good hormones and help to lower stress.


Everyone knows that putting on some decent tunes will provide a pick-me-up


Soon You’ll be Able to Buy Headphones that Make you Relax – Just Don’t Drive With Them On.


Do you want to feel happy? Do you live in a state that hasn’t come around

Luxury (1)

The Luxury Magazine/Spring issue that features NERVANA is out.


Nervana accompanies the music played from a smartphone with electrical pulses

USA Today

Feel-good’ wearables promote dopamine, endorphins


As I sit here writing these words, I’m calm. Focused. Almost serene

Palm Beach Post

Boca Raton firm’s device delivers happiness through headphones


Start-up firm Nervana hopes to deliver happiness through headphones


Boca Raton doctors design device to help lower your stress


Linda Dubin is listening to music enhanced by an electronic device


This device syncs music with your brain’s pleasure center


A new device called Nervana syncs whatever music you’re listening to


TMO Daily Observations 2016-01-08: CES 2016 Day 5, More Cool Tech and Body Hacking


CES 2016 is wrapping up and our on-site


Electric Headphones Induce Dopamine Sensation.


There’s a famous saying about things that sound too good to be true


Nervana’s headphones claim they can make you feel relaxed by listening to music.


CES 2016 saw some pretty weird product reveals, from weather-predicting


All of the fun, none of the workout


Using electric headphones, I zapped my brain’s pleasure center. Here’s what that’s


New Wave in Tech: Hacking the Brain


Las Vegas (AFP) – The next frontier for the tech sector is the human brain


I zapped my brain’s pleasure center with electric headphones


Behind the scenes at Engadget, my nickname is “Mr. Chill” because I’m the


CES | The Winner(s) of the “Lifestyle and Digital Health” Pitch Competition at Eureka Park are


Congratulations to all the teams that

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